Refinishing a Squier Stratocaster:

I've gotten the refinish bug again and am working on 2 guitars right now. The first is a '94 MIM Fender Strat, and the second is an '08 Squier Bullet Strat. I'm tired so I won't go into great detail here, but the first shot is the '94 in a jig I built today that allows two 360 degree fields of rotation...all you need to do the whole guitar each coat. The pic was taken after the first sand & sealer coat was applied. The second/third pics are of the Bullet. I sanded the neck this morning, applied 2 base coats of nitro, and have 5 coats of amber tint on it so far. Some nice flame there.

I'm done for the day on both of these. The body has its 4th and final coat of sand & seal. Tomorrow I'll sand it down and as long as I don't go through the S&S, I'll apply the first primer coat. I applied a couple more coats of tinting to the neck today and a few passes of clear coat. I also misted the decals and will wet sand the headstock tomorrow after work and apply them. From there it will just be a few more times with the clear coat and then a week to cure before sanding and polishing. I need to order up some more clear coat. The neck was a spur of the moment thing and I'm using one of the cans that was for the body

I sanded the 4th coat of S&S to matte when I got home from work tonight and got the first 2 coats of primer on. Tomorrow I'll sand it smooth and spray another coat or 2 of primer...I can still see some grain at this point. I also got a spot you can see on the bottom edge of the neck pup route where paint collected on my misplaced, overhanging fingertip, and then splattered onto the guitar body.

Update:I got the first 2 coats of color on tonight. I just may end up putting the highly flamed Bullet neck on this thing...they look really good together already.

Color coats were finished yesterday and I got 2 coats of clear on tonight. The parts arrived today as well...GFS pups, new electronics, mint green 3-ply guards, tuners, trem, bone nut, etc. Here are the current pics...

After the final coat of clear it has to cure for 30 days, and then I wet sand from 600-2000 grit (and in between), and then polish. I got the wet coats on well enough that it's fairly smooth already. The neck is not as smooth because I was still trying to get a feel for how wet to spray without causing runs, yet not so light as to cause orange peel. the neck will take more sanding than the body to smooth out.

The Reranch site says you can start wet sanding and polishing the neck after 5 days. Maybe the 30 on the body is because of more coats of clear and the color coats. I got started on the neck, and still have some to do, but it's looking good. I need to touch up a spot at the heel where I went through on the edge. The pictures don't show it well, but it's smooth as glass.

Getting closer. I couldn't wait the 30 day period, and it didn't seem to make a difference. It polished up great. Not sure if I'll be able to use the Bullet neck without making some mods to the's a bit taller than the original. I know it looks blue in the pic, but it really is surf green in person.

The green shows better in this lighting. It's taken next to my '96 Am. Std. Strat in either Sonic, or Daphne blue...not sure which. After comparing to color chips online, my guess is Sonic which surf green is suppose to be a close cousin.

After the polishing compound, I just rubbed it with a worn t-shirt until all the swirls were gone and it's like glass. It worked out much better than I anticipated.

I finished up the body tonight except for the strap buttons. I thought I had some felt washers but couldn't find them.
The neck is still in progress but I just had to try this thing out. I removed the neck from the Roadhouse and put it on the project body. I love these GFS pickups...very nice tone. I'm very happy with it so far.

Here are a couple outside shots, the green shows up more green than blue...

A sound sample. And a chance for you to waste 4:13 of your life that you'll never get back.

To hear the sound sample of Kevins awesome Surf strat click surfstrat in player below.