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Author Topic: VOX ADVT30 Review  (Read 3953 times)
« on: February 27, 2010, 01:38:52 PM »

I bought this amp nearly two years ago. You can see specs/ demos at
Anyway its 30 watts but, with a dial on the back you can change the wattage from 1-30. which is cool, so if you want to drive the circuit at full gain full volume without making the wife mad, you can dial it down to say 5 watts and get all the drive without the volume- a cool little feature. It is a modeling amp and has a bunch of different models- fender twin, mesa, marshall, AC30, etc... How close does it duplicate the real thing? I dunno, I am no expert on vintage or modern amp tones, I just pick what sounds good and go with it.
It also has effects, chorus, delay, compressor (which I like) phaser, flanger and some combos. and they are tweakable as far their delay time or run rates.On the website, they do have some pretty good demos of sounds.
You can of course, bypass the effects, and you can also bypass the modeling and just use as a conventional amp. Which I find works well also.

Anyway- I think its a great amp for home use, it has never had any issue at all. ..and is louder than I'll really ever use in the spare room. Oh, and saving a sound you like is really easy , you have 2 channels to save to, just be in your sound you like, hit number 1 or 2 and push write- done.

I like it, its worked out well.

Its downfall- I have a digital pedal board and going into this amp with it is horrible digital into digital equals digi-mess. I e-mailed vox on this, and they were quick to respond (within an hour) and basically its just the way it is, the limitation of digital. You can, with some messing around, get it to sound Ok, but its not worth the hassle. Lets face it, square waves dont like being squished, clipped an re-generated without getting pretty ugly. So, with all the onboard effects, why would I be plugging an effect pedal into anyway? Well, I wanted to try some wah stuff with the foot pedal on my board, the sound out was not pretty..

But, going just straight into the Amp sounds great- it looks good. The acoustic models are pretty nice, and its not hard to easily find a setting I like.
For $230 it was a good buy for me....a tuner built in would have been a nice & simple addition
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